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Why Does The Warwick Police Department Need Weapons Of War?

As a resident of Warwick that pays attention to the city expenditures, I have been quite vocal on a number of occasions when I have called out what I consider wasteful spending.  Whether my concerns were on budgets, union contracts, or monthly expenditures, prior to making comment I perform my due diligence and refer to historical data of expenditures. 

What Should Warwick Citizens Expect From A Potential Mayoral Candidate?

Recently, my Warwick councilman Steve McAllister announced to the Boston Globe that he: “is seriously mulling over running for mayor.” I was deeply disturbed by this comment as during Mr. McAllister’s time on the city council, in my opinion, he has proven himself on many occasions to be completely unqualified to represent the people in […]

Calls for Accountability Ignored as Warwick’s Absurd Priorities Surface

Uncover the chronic waste and abuse in Warwick city through a whistleblower’s exposé. From city officials indulging in unauthorized activities to ineffective reprimands, the article highlights the dire need for GPS tracking in municipal vehicles. Now a ludicrous proposal by the Parks and Recreation department seeking extravagant marine electronics for boats with limited utility, shedding light on the city council’s baffling priorities. Delve into the absurdity as the article unravels the city’s misplaced focus, exposing a pattern of wasteful decisions and questionable judgment.

How to Find Out Who We Are Electing

Empower Your Vote: Unveiling the Hidden Financial Histories of Local Candidates. Learn how to conduct a simple background check on your officials to uncover potential fiscal ineptness. Take charge, attend local council meetings, and ensure your community is led by individuals with sound financial records. The change begins with an informed public.

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