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Guaranteed income programs popping up throughout the country

Communities throughout the U.S. are experimenting with social programs that give a “guaranteed income” to some residents with few or no strings attached. An economics professor says universal income could be a more efficient use of taxpayer dollars as long as it replaces many of the more than 100 welfare programs already out there.

Most of the programs are funded by taxpayer dollars and are generally described as “universal basic income” and “guaranteed income,” which share many characteristics but differ slightly. Universal basic income programs are generally open to everyone in the community. Guaranteed income programs target a specific sector of the population, often lower-income individuals.

14 Providence police department employees made more than $200,000 in 2021

Luis San Lucas is a captain in the Providence Police Department who was paid $278,194 in 2021, making him the city’s highest paid employee. According to city records, San Lucas earned a salary of $130,299 and garnered another $85,286 in overtime. He also received a payment in 2021 of $60,052 for overtime involving events that the city provides police protection.

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