Both RI Senators Support Tipping the Balance of Power via D.C. Statehood

Washington DC Democrats are making a power play to permanently increase their numbers in the US Senate … and both Rhode Island Senators, Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse, support the unlawful move to turn the Constitutionally defined federal district into a state.

With over 700,000 registered voters in DC, and with recent history showing a 90+% proclivity to vote for Democrats, its 2 Senate and 1 House seats in the US Congress would be guaranteed to go blue if DC were to become a state. DC residents do have a say in Presidential elections, with their 3 electoral votes, via the 23rd Amendment, ratified in 1961.

However, the Constitution explicitly sets aside DC as a federal district to serve as the seat of government. The District of Columbia’s creation is rooted in Article I, section 8, clause 17 of the Constitution, which says that the “Seat of the Government of the United States” shall be a district that is at most ten square miles and separate and apart from the other “particular States.”

Yet the allure of two more guaranteed far-left, blue Senators to help continue the transformation of America beyond recognition and away from its constitutional roots, is too appealing to the below list of US Senators to worry about something as insignificant (in their minds) as the Unite States Constitution.

DC was never intended to operate as a state as it would enjoy special privileges not available to other states. In essence DC would become a super-state, with primacy over all others, which it would most likely use to promote policies that favor itself, despite harming other states.

The DC Statehood movement was re-invigorated in 2020, following the election of hyper-partisan, Joe Biden, as President and with Democrats in control of both chambers of Congress. the current Republican-controlled US House of Representatives is the main obstacle now standing in the movement’s way.

The following US Senators are on record as supporting DC Statehood:

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