Brown University Promotes Antisemitism via Extremist Curricula

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: As does the RI Department of Education with its woke Social Studies Standards, portraying our nation’s founding fathers as oppressors, a new report documents how many courses at Brown University depict Jewish people negatively as “settler-colonizers” in an effort to indoctrinate students with white supremacist nonsense.

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Executive Summary

Spurred on by the concerns of Brown University alumni and students, CAMERA decided to investigate antisemitism and extremism at Brown University. What we found is truly disturbing.

The Brown University Center for Middle East Studies has established several initiatives to advance its concept of Palestinian studies. But rather than focus on advancing the rigorous study of the Palestinian people, it has devolved into promoting antisemitic ideology and extremism against the Jewish state.

Professor Beshara Doumani has served as the driving force for the Center and its Palestinian studies programs. From 2021-2023, he also served as president of a Palestinian university. During his tenure there, the university served as a hub of extremism, hosting numerous events glorifying the murder of Israeli civilians and advancing the position of the terrorist organization, Hamas. Such was the incitement that numerous students carried out terrorist attacks against Israel during that time. Given CAMERA’s findings, detailed below, the concern is that the extremism which defines Birzeit University is being imported into Brown University.

In Center for Middle East Studies events, as well as in course syllabi, there is an abundance of antisemitic material. Jewish peoplehood and identity are erased. Jews are instead depicted as “settler-colonizers” in their own indigenous homeland. Students are told that efforts to combat antisemitism are “tools” of “colonialism.” A professor assigned to educating about antisemitism has openly advanced antisemitic conspiracy theories and tropes, including blood libels and Holocaust inversion. Violence against Israelis and Jews is regularly legitimized and even glorified by professors and guest speakers.

Disturbingly, the success of this indoctrination is already apparent. Dozens of Brown University student organizations responded to the October 7 atrocities carried out by Palestinian terrorists by describing those acts of murder, torture, rape, mutilation, and kidnapping as “just” measures.

Collected material from the Center for Middle East Studies indicate students are being indoctrinated in postmodern and critical theory ideologies. There no indication that students are being seriously offered any other competing theories or perspectives. Statements by those involved openly declare that they view their positions in academia as tools to be exploited in order to advance their preferred ideological ends.

Brown University’s leadership must act decisively and urgently to address the disturbing findings contained in this report. No university should tolerate its institution being used to advance overtly antisemitic and violent ideologies. The administration must act to ensure it is upholding its Title VI commitments for Jewish and Israeli students. Similarly, it must act to ensure that the education being given to Brown University students meets the standards expected of such a prestigious academic institution.

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