Discover shocking revelations of state agencies, URI, & DHS colluding to censor conservative media & Christian values via Courageous RI. Join the call to halt governmental support for this Orwellian initiative. Stenhouse and Newberry warn of First Amendment violations, urging immediate termination of affiliations.

Calls To End Orwellian DHS Program Targeting Conservative Speech in the Ocean State

A recent series of reports by the Media Research Center has revealed disturbing coordination between multiple state agencies, the University of Rhode Island, and the federal Department of Homeland Security. This coalition aims to implement a media literacy program that allegedly promotes the censorship of conservative media and Christian values. The Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity and State Representative Brian C. Newberry call upon US and State Government agencies to cancel their affiliation with this Orwellianly named “Courageous RI” program.

Mike Stenhouse, CEO of the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity, stated, ““It is likely a First Amendment violation for any American governmental entity to support activities that limit or suppress free speech. This sinister Biden administration initiative actually trains K-12 teachers to utilize censorship tools that discourage students from viewing content that the leaders of Courageous RI disagree with.”

This national scheme, implemented in states and contrived by DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is also raising alarm bells at the US Capitol.

Government and aligned private entities listed as partners of Courageous RI, including the RI Secretary of State, the RI Department of Education, the Rhode Island State Police, and the Rhode Island Foundation are urged to terminate their affiliations.

Newberry expressed disappointment, stating, “I participated in the launch event one year ago upon being asked because I think the issue of media literacy and educating our children how to sift fact from fiction is important. But I issued several warnings about how this program, while appealing in concept, could go off the rails if not managed properly. Unfortunately, and to my disappointment, though not surprise … the partisanship, censorship, and bias that has been infused by the Courageous RI leadership proves that this program is not worthy of, nor legally defensible for, any government entity to support in any way..”

Efforts to defund DHS’s activities are gaining traction in Congress, fueled by revelations of alleged censorship.

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