Join us at the Chariho Forgotten Taxpayers' Speaker Series Fundraiser featuring Ramona Bessinger, an experienced ELA educator. Discover the concerns surrounding changes in school curricula, including racial hostility and Antisemitic sentiments. Ms. Bessinger's insights, featured on major news outlets, highlight the urgent need for parental awareness. Purchase tickets for $20 at to support local school committee candidates addressing runaway school budgets. The event, co-founded by Clay Johnson and Louise Dinsmore, aligns with the mission to champion fiscal responsibility. Act now to be part of the grassroots movement shaping the future of education.

Chariho Forgotten Taxpayers’ Speaker Series Highlights Concerns Over School Curricula

In an effort to shed light on the changing landscape of education, the Chariho Forgotten Taxpayers are hosting a speaker series fundraiser featuring Ramona Bessinger, an English/Language Arts (ELA) educator with over 21 years of experience. The event is scheduled for Friday, January 19th from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm at the Richmond Senior Center, 1168 Main Street (2nd floor), Wyoming, RI.

Ramona Bessinger, a dedicated teacher who has predominantly worked with minority students, witnessed a significant shift in her Rhode Island school district’s curriculum in 2020. The changes included alterations to texts, mandates, and an overall transformation that has raised concerns among educators like Ms. Bessinger. Her primary worries are the diminished rigor, intellectualism, and sense of community, coupled with an alarming increase in racial hostility and Antisemitic sentiments within the school district.

Despite facing protests and harassment after publicly sharing her observations, Bessinger continues to work tirelessly to expose what she perceives as a concerning K-12 agenda. Her story has garnered national and international attention, with appearances on major news outlets such as the Tucker Carlson Show, FOX News, Tamron Hall Show on ABC, and Australian News.

The focus of Bessinger’s talk will be on the adverse effects of the current race-focused education system which distorts history and society. She asserts that children are being improperly served by this system, being indoctrinated and abused by a public school system seemingly intent on erasing American history and biological sex.

Tickets for the event are priced at $20 per person and can be purchased on the Chariho Forgotten Taxpayers’ website ( The funds raised will support local school committee candidates in their efforts to address runaway school budgets.

The Chariho Forgotten Taxpayers, co-founded by Richmond residents Clay Johnson and Louise Dinsmore, aim to champion and promote fiscal responsibility, putting taxpayers at the forefront of decisions related to town and school spending. The fundraiser aligns with their mission to address concerns about the evolving educational landscape and its impact on the community.

As Bessinger continues to speak out to raise awareness and educate parents, the hope is that through parental awareness and grassroots action, the U.S. Department of Education and its political supporters can be urged to reverse course and restore political neutrality to schools.

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