Chariho Group Urges Local Voters to Reject Wasteful School Mega-Bond

A local pro-taxpayer group covering Charlestown, Richmond, Hopkinton is urging voters to reject a $150 million bond to build three elementary schools that group says are not needed, will raise taxes, and will serve to primarily benefit special insider groups.

Clay Johnson and Louise Dinsmore, co-founders of the group, Forgotten Taxpayers PAC, have been regular guests on The Current’s video podcase, In The Dugout with Mike Stenhouse.


Join the growing opposition

to this mega-bond!

Join us in voting to REJECT this bond.

Vote now through May 7 at your town hall

Hopkinton and Richmond Taxpayers – Don’t be fooled. Tell BuildRI we aren’t buying what they are selling! The special interests are after more of our money. They are telling you that it is cheaper to spend $150 million now on 3 new elementary schools because it is subsidized with….you guessed it….more of our money. We see through the smokescreen and promises of “free money”.

We did our research and you should too. The Newport taxpayers passed a bond and were promised a shiny new Rogers High School. Fast forward 5 years and they are AT LEAST $23 million OVER BUDGET with no end in sight. Their nightmare continues with a toxic pile of dirt on their construction site that will cost an additional $6 million to remove…..$6 million they don’t have.

What happens now to Newport?

Their taxpayers will be asked to take on MORE DEBT to bail out this BuildRI boondoggle.

In outlining the current situation with Rogers High School, Newport City Councilor, David Carlin III, told Richmond School Committee Member, Kathryn Colasante:

“We are 27% over budget now and the project HAS NO MONEY LEFT. The Newport School Committee is going to ask for another $25 million bond and they have requested an additional $24 million in cash out of City reserve funds and budget.”  Carlin then heeds this warning to Colasante: “Think twice…no think 3 times before you move forward…BE CAREFUL.”

Can you imagine if this scenario happened in Richmond and Hopkinton?

Rogers is one school, Chariho wants to build 3!

This will sink our towns

Cost Overruns. Materials shortages. Labor Shortages. We are hearing that all over Rhode Island. North Providence scrapped a 3rd school from their plans because of a run-away budget. Johnston experienced cost overruns. It’s happening everywhere. Please, don’t let it happen to us! Hopkinton and Richmond simply do not have the commercial and residential tax bases to absorb cost overruns.

Of course our community-based elementary schools need TLC – but are far from “crumbling” as BuildRI wants you to believe (when was the last time they stepped inside our buildings anyway)? Our schools are nowhere near the condition that warrants replacement and RIDE thinks so too as evidenced by their 2017 Jacobs Report.

This bond vote is CONSEQUENTIAL and YOU will determine the fate of our towns for years to come. It’s that important that you SHOW UP through May 7th and vote NO…… or PAY UP for 30 years of property tax increases. You bet the special interests will show up to vote….WILL YOU?  Our property tax fate is truly in your hands! Do your part and Save the Taxpayers.  Vote NO at your town hall.

It’s simple really….

No New Schools….

No New Debt….

No New Taxes….

Paid for by Forgotten Taxpayers. 

This vote will be decided by a few motivated individuals that understand that the average household budget is at a breaking point.

If you don’t show up to vote, you’ll have to pay up for the next 30 years!


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