Charles Callanan: Rhode Island’s Leadership Void

So far this year, this is what your state government has produced.  If you want to talk about business as usual, well here it is:

  • A no bid contracts for International Game Technology (IGT).
  • One billion in the hole for our state budget.
  • Preventable deaths in state run nursing homes.
  • Contaminated soil dumped in a state construction site.
  • Shutting down an entire state economy to “flatten the curve,” but here we are several months later.
  • Taking federal money, $900,000,000.00 (your tax dollars), and failed to help small businesses.
  • A General Assembly vacating its responsibilities, allowing our governor to rule by fiat.
  • Evergreen contracts that completely hogtie local municipalities ability to negotiate with unions.
  • An illegal audit on convention center for political retaliation.
  • Allowing anarchists to destroy our capital city.
  • The mayor of our crumbling capital city putting forward the idea of reparations instead of jobs and fixing problems.
  • Progressives in downtown Providence pulling the “you know who I am routine” with police trying to enforce the law.
  • Failing to force school systems to plan and be ready for a school year.

I could go on, but do we really need these people running anything anymore?

We have such a massive leadership void it’s almost hard to get your head around, and yet the progressives are trying to make it worse.

Here is how it happened. The more moderate Democrats at the behest of union money made a deal with a monster they can’t control anymore. Now they are losing primary races all over the state because of it. Now the progressive go after anyone in their way and bully the average citizen into submission with the same tired old monikers they use on everyone not on the program. Most normal folk make the pain stop by simply leavening the state; others more tied here can’t do that and suffer accordingly.

Let me assure you we are not “one more social program” or new tax away from state solvency or utopia. What we are is a state that ranks nearly last in every economic category you can name, and people do not retire in Rhode Island. The math says so. The reasons for that are the greed, graft and corruption at every level of state government; add to that the mind-numbing progressive social ideology, and it’s a disaster in progress. When our leaders are more concerned about pronouns than paychecks, we got problems. Want proof? According to the IRS, $1,500,000,000.00 in tax returns walked out of this state in last three years never to return.

As far as my own senatorial race, the only thing I have to say about my opponent is she is part of the problem. She hasn’t been there and has not made one bit of difference. She fell in line with party leadership and hasn’t had an original idea since. Being a place holder is not leading.

However, what the left has not counted on is that fact that there are still a few of us left with the courage to fight and put a stop to this. There are those of us who have served, created businesses, and made things happen. Those are the people you want in charge, not ideologues.

Leadership is not a popularity contest; it’s not appeasing the masses. It’s about doing the most good and doing the right thing despite what it might cost you personally. This level of change I am talking about will not happen overnight. It will be painful and time consuming, but in the end, are not all things worth doing worth the blood, sweat, and tears?


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