Civics Bill Misfire

Stanley Kurtz has written on National Review Online about the Republican-led bill currently in Rhode Island’s General Assembly to require a pernicious form of civics education in Ocean State public schools:

Across the country, at both the state and federal levels, Republican legislators are signing onto seemingly bipartisan bills that mandate “action civics” — out-of-school student protests and lobbying (nearly always for leftist causes) — for course credit. Few Republicans have even heard of action civics, so it’s easy enough to deceive them. When they see a proposal for “project-based civics,” they think “internship at the mayor’s office” or “debate club.” Little do these Republican legislators know that they’re actually authorizing public-school students to organize course-credited out-of-school demonstrations or lobbying expeditions for gun control, the Green New Deal, or defunding the police.

Read the whole thing for more explanation of what’s wrong with this approach to civics education and what it might mean for your community.

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