Could Illinois Public Schools Be Even Worse Than RI Schools?

In 60 Illinois Public Schools No Students Were Proficient in Reading or Math

Lawmakers blame COVID even though scores were almost as bad in 2019 prior to the pandemic

Per-student annual spending exceeds $50,000 in some schools

Across the Prairie State, there are 23 schools, including 18 in Chicago, where no student demonstrated proficiency in either subject in 2022, according to an analysis of state data by Wirepoints, an independent, nonprofit company delivering original research and commentary about Illinois’ economy and government. Another seven Illinois schools had zero proficiency in reading alone, and 30 had no students with proficiency in math alone, the study found. Most of the troubled schools are in Chicago.

From Wirepoints: “The absolute failure to teach even a single child to read and do math in so many schools is yet another indictment of the state’s educational system.”

Is this where RI public schools are heading?

Be aware that the data, which comes from the Illinois State Board of Education, is only depicting schools where ZERO students are reading or doing math at grade level. There are many more at extremely low levels, but greater than zero.

You can read a detailed news report here:

Here is the data which includes school spending:

At 30 Illinois schools, including 22 in Chicago, no student was proficient in reading last year

Fifty-three schools had no students proficient in reading. Twenty-three schools appeared on both lists, meaning no student tested at grade level in either subject



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