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The Coal-Powered Electrification Agenda: Separating Fantasy from Reality

EDITOR’S NOTE: With coal and other fossil fuels powering much of the electricity that the environmental left wants to force Americans to use for their electric vehicles and other electrified energy sources, the national and regional supply (vs demand) shortage will become increasingly severe, costly, and dangerous. Rhode Island residents and businesses currently suffer from […]

The US Constitution Is The Divorce We’re Looking For

by Travis Rowley Speaking primarily on freedom of thought, Thomas Jefferson once defended the libertarian ideal by acknowledging a lack of personal injury as long as someone’s offense “neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.” While there is probably much to be added to Jefferson’s sentiment, particularly in terms of an undergirding religion that […]

State Bill Would Allow Illegal Immigrants to Vote in Local Elections

Voting Was Anticipated After Law to Provide Driver’s Licenses Process for Determining Residency Remains Uncertain Democrats in the Rhode Island General Assembly have introduced legislation that, if passed, would grant localities the ability to give non-U.S. citizens the right to vote in municipal elections. The measure marks the latest attempt by leftists to give foreigners […]

More Drama at the RICHMOND Town Council: Internal Spy?

This column was originally published on February 12 by Laurie Gaddis Barrett, head of #ParentsUnitedRI, on her “According to Laurie” Substack page, as: Spy vs Spy on Richmond Town Council Councilor Wilcox tattletales to Attorney General with outlandish claims against colleagues Newly elected Councilor Samantha Wilcox apparently finds it difficult to get along. A frequent […]

CTCL, Zuckerbucks and R.I. Elections…oh my!

by Sara Vieira, chapter leader of Fair Elections RI According to their website, the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) is a nationally recognized organization that, ostensibly, helps local election offices with their election operations. Along the way, CTCL became otherwise known as Zuckerbucks.    Per the image below, my organization, Fair Elections RI, […]

Will Rhode Island’s Woke Social-Studies Standards Soon Infect Others States?

Originally published on National Review Online, by DAVID RANDALL February 10, 2023 as; Rhode Island’s Woke Social-Studies Standards May Soon Come to Your State Woke education bureaucrats around the country are working feverishly to steal America’s history from our children. They use the same playbook in every state, from Minnesota to Louisiana to Virginia: write new social-studies standards that remove the […]

Former Cranston Mayor Steve Laffey Announces Candidacy for GOP Presidential Nomination

Colorado Resident Plans to Campaign in New Hampshire Top Issues are Fiscal Responsibility and Rescuing Social Security from Potential Insolvency Former Cranston mayor and one-time candidate for US Senate Steve Laffey Announced Thursday (2/2) he will challenge former President Donald J. Trump and others for the GOP nomination in the 2024 presidential race. In the […]

Chariho Teachers Deserve our Respect…..So do the Taxpayers Who Pay the Bills

EDITOR’S NOTE: You can watch Louise Dinsmore’s recent appearances as a guest on The Current’s In The Dugout with Mike Stenhouse video podcasts here and here.  **** As a parent whose child attended Richmond Elementary School from K-3, I witnessed the love, dedication and professionalism of Chariho teachers and teaching support staff.   There is […]

Iowa is Third State to Enact Broad School Choice Law

Families Will Get $7,598 in an Education Savings Account “For the first time, we will fund students not systems!” – Gov Kim Reynolds “What an amazing day for our children!” Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds was ecstatic Tuesday as she signed into law a seismic education plan three years in the making. “What an amazing day […]

Taxpayer Funded Abortions Back On The Agenda in RI

Bill Would Fund Abortions for State Employees and Medicaid Recipients Abortion Advocate Claims Failure to Fund Abortions with State Tax Dollars is “Discriminatory and Racist” PROVIDENCE – On the second day of the new legislative session in Democrat-dominated Rhode Island, publicly-funded abortion-coverage for state employees and Medicaid recipients is back in play. On Thursday, Rep. […]

Sen. Whitehouse Attempts to Weaponize IRS Against Conservative Non-profit Groups

Radical Leftists Including Socialist Bernie Sanders Want to Direct the 87,000 New IRS Agents Against Conservatives The Daily Signal (dailysignal.com) has exclusively reported that Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-RI, has demanded in a series of letters to the Internal Revenue Service that the IRS collaborate with the federal Department of Justice in cracking down on conservative […]

North Kingstown School Official Claims Using Wrong Pronouns Is An ‘Act Of Violence’

School Committee Member Jennifer Lima Supports The Radical Position To ‘Respond Accordingly’ If Preferred Pronouns Are Not Honored ‘Any act of violence in our schools which creates an unsafe environment (physically or emotionally by or for any member of the school community) needs to be dealt with accordingly.’ Lima told Fox News: “I also believe […]

With States Hands-Off, Homeschooling Takes Off

This article if from RealClearWire.com: https://realclearwire.com/articles/2022/11/02/as_states_let_home_schools_be_growing_numbers_are_just_fine_with_that_862241.html By Vince Bielski November 02, 2022 South Dakota epitomizes the rapid growth of homeschooling in America. Guided by the principle that parents, not the government, have the right to determine what and how their kids are taught, homeschooling families have overturned existing rules and batted down attempts over the […]

Grand-mom Rips “Rah! Rah!” Parent Group for their “Blessed Tolerance” of Chariho Schools

(This column originally appeared in the Chariho Times) The Friends of Chariho Facebook page is a Rah, Rah, Chariho School page.  Everything is wonderful in Chariho. We support EVERYTHING Chariho! Rah, Rah! Rah! We will go after anyone that says anything is wrong in Chariho Land. We will call them names. We will accuse them […]

Statement from Doc Skoly’s Legal Team

“We are disappointed that the court adjourned a preliminary hearing to March 15th. Rhode Islanders continue to suffer the medical emergency of an acute doctor shortage and Dr. Skoly and his staff are eager to resume servicing the 800 plus a month patients. We look forward to the hearing on March 15th.”

Grover Norquist on Canadian Truckers #InTheDugout

Grover Norquist is the president of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), a taxpayer advocacy group he founded in 1985 at the request of President Reagan. ATR works to limit the size and cost of government and opposes higher taxes at the federal, state, and local levels. In this clip from the #InTheDugout podcast, he tells host Mike Stenhouse about the tremendous dangers of the crackdown on protests led by truckers against tyrannical covid-19 restrictions in Canada.

Grover Norquist on Taxes #InTheDugout

Grover Norquist is the president of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), a taxpayer advocacy group he founded in 1985 at the request of President Reagan. ATR works to limit the size and cost of government and opposes higher taxes at the federal, state, and local levels. In this clip from the #InTheDugout podcast, he tells […]

Rachel Ware: Open Letter To Rep. Lima On New COVID Protocols

I am one of your constituents, a parent and an upset citizen of the Unites States of America. My name is Rachel Ware. We have a duty to protect our children as they are our future. It is the job of parents, and the community to take action against those who choose to do harm against others, coerce the public into believing a false narrative, and to straight out lie. As an elected official, you work for us. We the people demand to be heard.

Notre Dame Law Professor Rebukes RI Superior Court Judge Lanphear

by Gerard V. Bradley, Professor of Law at the University of Notre Dame. Last month Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Lanphear ruled against a group of school parents who sought to enjoin enforcement of Governor McKee’s school-mask mandate.  Judge  Lanphear’s legal analysis was seriously flawed and his conclusion to uphold the mandate was mistaken.  I expect that […]

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