Tucker: Is the Left winning the war to SILENCE dissent?

by America’s Future Incorporated

The desperation of the consortium of political and corporate elites to silence truth and censor truth-tellers is crystal clear.

This week Fox News pushed out its most influential voice and thereby sidelined one of the most powerful figures in contemporary American politics and culture. It’s not clear why the network “parted ways” with Tucker Carlson, and there’s plenty of speculation as to what may have triggered his ouster.

Maybe it was Tucker’s ongoing coverage of the January 6 defendants, violations of their civil liberties, and the absurd claims made by the White House and others that the raucous protests represented an “insurrection.” Maybe his criticism of the vaccine industry and the U.S. media’s complicity in obscuring the unlawful conduct of big pharma enraged advertisers. Maybe, in questioning the wisdom of sending hundreds of billions of dollars to fight a proxy war on the borders of a world power with a large nuclear arsenal, he angered the White House, the Pentagon, the regime media, and U.S. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

Or perhaps it was because by calling the castration and sterilization of children conducted under the guise of a civil rights movement an obscenity, he earned the wrath of the medical industry getting rich off the pain of American boys and girls. Maybe it’s because when he says that our struggle is primarily a spiritual one and we should find some time each day to pray for strength he provoked the godless.

Maybe it’s all these things. In telling the truth every night, he delivered information unapologetically and provided insight to millions of Americans desiring to make informed decisions for their families, communities, and country. Tucker Carlson’s ouster exemplifies another front in the ongoing censorship campaign targeting the current administration’s political opponents.

Recall that it was just last week that we discovered how Secretary of State Anthony Blinken asked ex-deputy CIA director Mike Morrell to run cover for the Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential candidate. So, the politically ambitious Morrell knowingly lobbied 50 former colleagues in the intelligence services to sign a letter falsely claiming that reports of Hunter Biden’s laptop were the products of Russian disinformation. The letter provided the false pretext that the media and Big Tech needed to carry out their efforts to censor the reports and keep vital information from the U.S. voting public.

For the present, Tucker Carlson is “off air” but not silenced. We’re confident he’ll be back, as determined as ever to speak the truth. Our great country needs all of us to speak with confidence and clarity like his – courageous voices rising like a great chorus of freedom.

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