Children Taught to Hate? A Disturbing Incident at the RI State House Abortion Debate

by Anthony D’Ellena, RI Chapter Leader for Turning Point USA, from his Twitter feed (@AnthonyDEllena)

Today, I witnessed a deeply disturbing incident at the Rhode Island State House. While I was in the West Gallery watching the session, a woman and her young daughter, who couldn’t have been more than 6 years old, were also present.

As the session continued, the little girl started to cry whenever a representative opposed the bill, and at one point, she had a full tantrum and had to be taken out of the gallery by her mother. What made this situation even more troubling was that whenever a representative would begin to speak, I could hear the young child ask her mother if he or she was “good.” The parent would then answer with her personal views, which only served to reinforce the child’s emotional response to the proceedings.

This kind of indoctrination is not only unacceptable, but it’s also incredibly damaging to the child’s development and well-being. Children should not be used as political props, and parents should not be instilling political beliefs in them at such a young age. This type of behavior is not only inappropriate, but it’s also potentially damaging to the child’s emotional and psychological well-being. It’s essential to remember that children need to be allowed to develop their own beliefs and values without being pressured or influenced by their parents.

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