Good Men: Democratic Drama Queens

by Travis Rowley from his “Good Men” podcast

This week NC Governor Roy Cooper (Democrat!) actually declared a “State of Emergency” in response to a Republican bill that would expand school choice.

Soon after, in response to Gov. Ron Desantis’ crusade against race-obsessed curriculum, the NAACP (Democrats!) issued a “travel advisory” for those considering a trip to the Sunshine State — declaring that Florida is now “openly hostile toward African Americans, people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals.”

According to Democrats, democratically-driven policy preferences (particularly those that rescue minorities from failing government schools that are dead-set on imparting Critical Race Theory) are now akin to Category 5 hurricanes.

Travel Advisory! State of Emergency! Two Hands on the Wheel!

Did anyone think that declaring racism a public health crisis would be the end of Democrats’ abuse of ordinary concepts?

These people (Democrats!).



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