Freedom vs Equality; by a Famous Soviet Dissident

written by Connor Boyack, head of the Libertas Institute in Utah and author of The Tuttle Twins

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn on Freedom v. Equality

“Human beings are born with different capacities. If they are free, they are not equal. And if they are equal, they are not free.” — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Solzhenitsyn’s deep understanding of the human spirit, its strengths, and vulnerabilities, combined with his personal experiences in the Soviet gulags, positions him as one of the most important voices in 20th-century literature and thought.

(In fact, we think his story is so important that we dedicated a chapter to him in our Tuttle Twins Guide to Courageous Heroes! You can check it out here.)

His statement on freedom and equality challenges the very foundation of collectivist thinking. To be truly free means recognizing and celebrating our unique capabilities and interests. When we do this, we inevitably find that we are not all the same – and that’s a beautiful thing. Our differences, be they in skills, talents, or passions, are what drive innovation, foster community, and propel humanity forward.

On the other hand, when the state tries to enforce equality, something we are seeing more and more, it often does so at the expense of freedom.

This kind of artificial equality is not about lifting everyone up, but rather about pushing everyone down to the lowest common denominator. It stifles creativity, douses the flames of passion, and makes individual achievement a target rather than a triumph.

The Tuttle Twins books, magazine, and curriculum help kids think deeper about these ideas. Our stories teach children (and remind adults) that while we should strive for fairness and equality, it’s essential to understand the distinction between forced equality and equality of opportunity.

In one adventure after another, Ethan and Emily Tuttle learn about the principles of the free market, individual rights, and personal responsibility. Young readers are prompted to question societal norms and think deeply about what true freedom and equality really mean.

The teachings from Solzhenitsyn and the lessons from the Tuttle Twins series converge on a singular truth: that while we should always seek to create a society that offers everyone equal opportunities, we must recognize that freedom and equality, in their purest forms, can sometimes be at odds.

And when it comes down to it, freedom is always the right choice.

It’s up to each generation, armed with the knowledge of the past and the teachings of the present, to navigate this delicate balance as they work to build a brighter future.

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— Connor

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