LTE: Biden’s Maui Response Irresponsible & Insulting

Letter To the Editor:
For weeks now the leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives have been talking about its investigations of Attorney General Merrick Garland and President Biden and their possible impeachment.
Conversely, all we hear about in the liberal media is its crowing about the indictments of former President Trump and his associates.Nothing was reported about President Biden relaxing under an umbrella on the beach in Delaware while Maui burned.
When asked about the tragedy his response was “No Comment.” He then went to Camp David for a Trilateral Summit with Prime Minister, Kishida Fushio of Japan and President Youn Suk Yeol of South Korea. After the Summit, at a press conference President Biden held with the two dignitaries, President Biden forgot their names and then laughed and joked about it.
Japan and South Korea are our two strongest allies in the Far East! Later, the First Lady and President Biden traveled to Lake Tahoe, Colorado for a weeks vacation. He interrupted his vacation for a five, (5) hour flight to Maui to “finally” visit the site of the most horrific and catastrophic tragedies in the history of the United States.
To that date there had been 108 people confirmed dead and over 800 missing many of them children. During a press conference when President Biden addressed the survivors on Maui he spoke about how he feels their pain.
That he “knew how it felt to lose a home.” He compared the tragic Maui catastrophic fire to a fire in a house that he and Jill owned on a lake or a pond where he almost lost his “1967 Corvette and his cat.” (He was referring to a very small fire in the kitchen of that house which was quickly extinguished and posed no danger to anyone or anything.)
President Biden’s irresponsible insulting nonsensical statement like this one is one more example that he has slipped his moorings and drifted around the bend. It’s obvious that he is not mentally capable of being president. Short of his impeachment, the Democrat’s should move to force his resignation.
James M. Mageau
Charlestown, R.I.

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