Courageous RI is a Scam to Indoctrinate Students and the Public

Intrepid parent activist and head of Parents United RI, Laurie GB, weighs in on Twitter with her thoughts on Tuesday’s press conference announcing the launch of the federally-funded Courageous RI org.
Mike Stenhouse, CEO, for the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity calls the group’s mission a scam intended to further indoctrinate students, teachers, parents, and citizens in the Ocean State with radical-left and divisive theories that portray conservatives who disagree with false government narratives as instigating “hate speech”, “violence”, and “domestic terrorism”… and to turn citizens against each other.
In seeking to teach Rhode Islanders to identify and criticize what they call “the ‘fake news’ movement from conservative circles”, Courageous RI has shown its true colors as yet another mindless effort by the woke left to suppress free speech … all funded by our hard-earned federal tax dollars.
Below is a cut and paste from @laurieinri ‘s Twitter thread:
Ed Garcia, Director of @CranstonLibrary, uses a press conference to take a whack at #parents who complain about the hyper-sexualization of kids in the classroom. Imagine using a media literacy announcement to claim the Real Problem is parents.

To watch the video, go to Laurie’s full Twitter thread ,here:  Image

I was prepared to give this project the benefit of the doubt, which is why I watched. How dumb do you have to be,

, to let your Courageous RI launch be polluted with an ATTACK ON PARENTS? Ed Garcia was not a credit to your press conference.

Ed Garcia spoke directly after Rep   @BrianCNewberry

, who advocated that implementation of the Courageous RI be balanced. Ed didn’t have his listening ears on. He whines about parents exercising their civic rights and petitioning govt to criminalize porn for kids.

In the video , Ed Garcia indirectly blames Nicole Solas (law enforcement complaint) and Bob Chiaradio (AG complaint) and people like me, who testified to strengthen obscenity laws in front of Senate Judiciary Committee. He wants PROTECTION from our pesky advocacy.
Just an opinion, but Ed Garcia did All The Things the media literacy project is supposed to be teaching against. That he’s a member of the Advisory Board for the project is especially chilling. Courageous RI project – failure to launch. Can’t wait to see the media spin.
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