DAILY SIGNAL: Looking Back, Moving Forward: What Future Holds for The Daily Signal

The Heritage Foundation founded The Daily Signal 10 years ago this week, seeking to fill a void in media at a time when few conservative news outlets existed. A decade later, the Washington, D.C.-based news outlet is entering a new chapter and aiming to expand its influence. 

“We are so excited that with the blessing of The Heritage Foundation, The Daily Signal is now its own independent media organization,” Rob Bluey, the news outlet’s president and executive editor, explains on “The Daily Signal Podcast.”

The move to become its own organization, Bluey says, provides The Daily Signal with the opportunity to grow its team, acquire White House and congressional press credentials, and offers more editorial freedom to cover elections and campaigns. 

From its inception, The Daily Signal has had a mission that aligns with The Heritage Foundation, according to Bluey, and “I think that the conservative principles that have guided Heritage will continue to guide The Daily Signal in the future, even as an independent media organization, because ultimately, we will be organized as both a nonprofit and a for-profit.”

Bluey joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to explain what the changes at the news outlet mean for readers and podcast listeners, and to share a bit of the organization’s history.

Listen to the podcast below:

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