DAILY SIGNAL: This Is the Next Generation of Marxism

The protests in the summer of 2020 after George Floyd’s death in police custody and today’s antisemitic, pro-Palestine protests on college campuses are rooted in the same ideology of Marxism, Katharine Gorka says. 

Marxism preaches that the world “is divided between oppressor and oppressed,” says Gorka, co-author with Heritage Foundation scholar Mike Gonzalez of the new book “NextGen Marxism: What It Is and How to Combat It.” (Heritage launched The Daily Signal in 20014.)

German-born philosopher Karl Marx believed that the oppressors were the business owners and the oppressed were the workers. But Gorka says that Marxism today, or “NextGen Marxism,” holds that the “oppressors are white, Americans, Israelis, [but] some Asians … kind of the successful.”

“And the oppressed is everybody else, right?” she asks rhetorically. “Anybody who’s a minority of any sort, whether it’s based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, [or] having once been colonized.”

This movement of Marxism today has its roots in the 1960s, Gorka explains, as the student activists of those says became the community organizers who influence young people today, often via social media. 

Gorka joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to outline the progression of Marxism and to discuss philanthropy’s significant role in furthering Marxist ideology in America.

Listen to the podcast below:

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