Did Twitter Also Interfere in Brazil’s Recent Elections? Catastrophe approaching?

Earlier this year, The Ocean State Current posted an interview with Cesar Marques, a Brazilian citizen who was in Rhode Island for business, about the volatile post-election powder-keg that was brewing in Brazil, amid claims and protests by millions of election fraud.

The November 14 interview with Marques on In The Dugout with Mike Stenhouse can be viewed here: “What the heck is going on in Brazil?!” #InTheDugout – November 14, 2022 – (oceanstatecurrent.com)

In an email this week to The Current, Marques, provides an update on the situation. In his email, he mentions the recent document dump by Twitter indicates that social media entities overtly backed the leftist Lula (who ostensibly was elected). Marques assertion is backed up by Brazilian political strategist Rodrigo Neves, who weighed in on why he believes Big Tech had an influence on the outcome of Brazil’s latest election on a ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight‘ episode.

The full text from Marques is below:

Mike, The situation here is approaching catastrophe. 

We are counting the days to Monday, the supposed day the elected President will be sworn in. January 1, should be his first day in office.
We are all watching closely and hoping Bolsonaro leads the army into a state of restoring the order. 
There’s so much going on. Elon Musk’s recent disclosure of events surrounding the 2020 elections also open up a can of worms; he also said everything suggests the previous Twitter management has also led us to believe Twitter worked to benefit the leftists here in Brazil.
And perhaps the worse of all, it seems that anything anyone posted on Google in English was automatically translated back into Portuguese if the algorithm identified the word Bolsonaro in the text. 
If on the other hand the same text were written in English included any other name such as Lula, John etc the translation would stay unchanged. 
Millons of people are still living in front of and around our Armed Forces facilities across the country – demanding action, Restoring Law and order and prison to about 300 politician’s and members of the Judicial System(supreme court, electorate court and a few others). 
Attempts to bring awareness of the world to what’s going on here seems useless.  But shutting down our congress and the Senate will be inevitable.
I’m sure this would be already in place if Trump were President: we know we cannot count on Biden.
Apparently Putin has told Maduro and Macron to stay out the way.
Can you believe that?
To be continued.


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