Don’t be left out of the conversation: Listen to The #InTheDugout podcast

It can be tough to keep up with the news, especially when it feels like there’s so much happening at once.

Not only is it hard to stay informed, but a lot of times the news can feel overwhelming or depressing.

The #InTheDugout podcast is here to make sure you’re always in the loop. Our hosts are witty and informative, and they’ll make sure you understand even the most complex topics. Plus, we have interviews with local and national experts so you can get an insiders perspective on what’s happening around you. On today’s episode Sten unloads on governmental response to Covid, Ukraine, and Inflation. STEVE LAFFEY joins Sten to discuss inflation, Ukraine, and other geo-political issues.

We’re live on the Ocean State Current Monday through Thursday at 4:00pm and then on demand after! Click here to watch now!


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