Drag Queen Story Hour Targets West Warwick Children

West Warwick, RI— Plans are well underway for the West Warwick Public Library to hold an event called “Drag Story Time!” targeting children ages 0-6 to attend at the end of June. This event is moving forward despite calls from parent groups to cancel as a result of the controversy surrounding the subject matter. 

The event will feature two drag queen performers known as Ninny Nothin and Randi Xtra Xtra.

“This isn’t about adults. This is about children and what is and is not appropriate to expose them to,” said Cheryl Cnr, a mother and home-schooler who is concerned for the well being of her children. “Would you find it acceptable if the West Warwick public library hired Belle Knox, Tracey Lordes, War Machine, Mr. Rotten, Jenna Jameson (there are some Wikipedia lists that I do not suggest googling) to host a children’s story hour?”

The library describes the event as a “very special story time all about being true to yourself and accepting others.”

The Ninny Nothin instagram account, run by performer Johnny Sederquist, features sexually explicit and blasphemous images. One video on the account contains Sederquist cradling an artificial phallus like a child while claiming to be Mary, the virgin mother of Jesus. Sederquist promotes his performances as Ninny Nothin using this account. He has appeared in films such as “Accidental Incest” and “Strapped for Danger II: Undercover Vice.”

“This man is going to be hosting a story time for little kids in West Warwick later this month. A light-hearted event with toddlers, juice boxes, and a cross-dressing, bigoted pervert,” said Tyler Rowley, a conservative pro-life millennial activist, author, and father. “Just another day in our decaying, insane culture that is obsessed with sexualizing children and normalizing perversions.”

Randi Xtra Xtra, also known as Randle Rae Stock Sbordone, is scheduled to read to children at the story hour as well.

Past drag queen story hours have drawn fire from parents and concerned citizens across the country. 

At Rogers Free Library in Bristol RI, a drag queen story hour event scheduled for June 15, 2019 was canceled and then rescheduled after protests and counter-protests. 

In Milwaukee, a former president of a LGBTQ organization that was involved in sponsoring drag queen story hour meetings was charged with possession of child pornography in March of this year.

In Huston, Alberto Garza, a 32-year-old sex offender, was confirmed to be reading to children by a library spokesperson as part of a drag queen story hour in 2019. Garza had been convicted of aggravated sexual assault of an 8-year-old boy.

The event at West Warwick Public Library is sponsored by Thundermist Health, Youth Pride, and PFLAG.

West Warwick Public Library has not responded to a request for comment.

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