Travis Rowley: It’s Simple, “Anti-Racist” Means “Racist”

Who do these Democrats think they’re fooling?

The “anti-fascists” (Antifa) take thuggishly to the streets to maim people who are protesting big-government tyranny. And the “anti-racists” – often under direction of Critical Race Theory – come to all types of broad conclusions based entirely on the color of people’s skin.

This Is Critical Race Theory … Coming To A School Near You

More to today’s point, listen closely to this teacher and you’ll realize that “anti-racism” is much more than a philosophy, a class subject, or a portion of a curriculum. You’ll also begin to understand just how important it is for left-wing educators not to train your children in vital academic subjects, but to mold them into progressive citizens and effective activists.

Just look how hard they’re pushing back on the parents who are, well, pushing back!

Boy, someone really-really wants to teach “racial equity” in the fall. Geez.

By the way, a side-note: This teacher lamenting legislation that forbids her to teach “Critical Race Theory” inside the classroom obviously didn’t get the memo. She’s supposed to be denying that CRT is even part of the curriculum.

Never forget that leftists are unrepentant liars.

Anyway, in addition to the terrible ideas it’s composed of, anti-racism is hysterical activism – a “call to action” as this radical woman puts it.

This is not simply a battle of ideas, in which your patience, civility, and faith in the superiority of your philosophy matter all that much. Radical militants don’t care about your ideas.

You know, because you’re white and stuff.


Besides, to the Left, this is war. The world simply isn’t operating as it should. Despite decades of instituting liberal theories and policies into vital American institutions, leftists remain disturbed by rampant inequality all around them – something they insist is an obvious injustice, rather than a natural consequence of a free society.

And injustice requires a victim. And if there’s a victim, then there must be a perpetrator.

Sure, the color of your skin will probably help you determine which camp progressives consider you to be in. But the anti-racists also want to know what you finally plan to do about such clear-cut disorder – all the racism, police brutality, transphobia (and not to mention the proper use of pronouns) that pulsate throughout your town.

Society must be set right. And time is running out. Glaciers are melting. Queer folk still don’t feel entirely accepted. And black people are being hunted by white cops.

It is no longer good enough to judge people by their actions or the content of their character. Or just be liberal. Or virtue-signal incessantly on social media. “Anti-racism” demands to know what you’re doing in such trying times.

As Westerly (RI) Superintendent of Schools Mark Garceau tells us, “Until such time as we have committed to eradicating any and all systemic inequities based on race from our district, we are just paying lip service. We are, by our silence and our inaction, perpetuating the marginalization of our black youth and that of other underrepresented populations. Until we start behaving as if Black Lives Matter and demonstrating a willingness to do the work of listening, learning and owning our own implicit biases (and then taking steps to address them), we are not behaving as if we truly believe that all lives matter.”

A call to action.

After the George Floyd incident of 2020 and the ensuing race riots across the country, the entire educational establishment clearly decided to “do something” – that is, exploit the episode by unapologetically hammering every American child with as much “equity, diversity, and inclusion” instruction as possible.

Otherwise known as “the progressive worldview.”

Otherwise known as “nationwide indoctrination.”

Otherwise known as “Critical Race Theory.”

Otherwise known as “neo-communist racism” … being taught as righteous attitude and activism to your children.

I’m proud to know some of the folks who immediately recognized the deception, and are attempting to stop these racist Democrats in their tracks.

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