Former SCORI Justice, Robert Flanders, Disagrees w AG Neronha’s 2A Guidance

Former Associate Justice of the RI Supreme Court, Robert Flanders, says that current RI Attorney General, Peter Neronha, is “whistling past the graveyard … ” with regard to the AG’s interpretation of the June 2022 Bruen concealed carry Second Amendment ruling by the United States Supreme Court

Flanders, In a compelling Wednesday interview with Mike Stenhouse on his popular video podcast, In The Dugout, strongly averred that Neronha misconstrued the US Supreme Court decision when he issued guidance that no changes were needed to the Attorney Generals “may issue” approach to issuing permits, even though the highest court in the land essentially ruled that government entities that issue concealed carry permits should do so on a “shall issue” basis.

The full interview can be viewed here, with Judge Flanders joining in around the 22:00 minute mark.


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