FREE from mask mandates: Join us LIVE at 4:00pm!

In this day and age, it seems like we are constantly being told what to do. Sometimes it feels like we can’t even take a breath without someone telling us that we’re doing something wrong.

It’s hard enough trying to raise kids in today’s world, but now we have to worry about educators trying to indoctrinate our children in the classroom with far-leftism? Come on!

Our Parent-Teacher panel on the #InTheDugout podcast today on students FREE from mask mandates is here to help. Join us LIVE at 4:00pm and then on demand  after as we discuss the impact of the end school mask mandates and how it is affecting our children. We’ll also be giving you stories of real people impacted!

Click now to watch it on the Ocean State Current!



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Parent-Teacher Panel on students FREE from mask mandates

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