Free Market Solutions Help Rhode Islanders To Achieve Their Hopes & Dreams

We simply spend too much. With no major reforms and by capitulating to the progressive agenda, the 2018 state budget will be even more destructive for the people of Rhode Island. Despite disingenuous claims that no broad-based taxes were imposed and that spending has been cut, Ocean Staters will once again bear increased burdens to pay for the pet-projects of political leaders and advocacy extremists. The taxes we all must pay to support this bloated budget will continue to drag down our state. 
At the Center, we know that the high levels of taxation and over-regulation imposed in the ever-growing state budget is the main culprit in causing Rhode Island’s stagnant performance. Look at it this way, overspending by a government that mainly seeks to perpetuate and grow itself, actually works against the best-interests of the very people it is supposed to be serving. Instead of seeking to grow prosperity, government seeks to grow itself.
Even with the misguided hopes expressed by legislators based solely on a reduced unemployment rate, Ocean State families are hurting. Rhode Island suffers under the worst business climate in the country, and 48th rank on our Center’s Jobs & Opportunity Index. Also, we are the only state in New England to see its labor force decline in size in recent years, as hundreds of thousands of people have chosen to leave our state since 2004. This is not a recovery.
Working class Rhode Islanders will not feel benefits from the continued handouts to wealthy special interests. Corporate welfare will not do anything to enhance their ability to move up the income ladder.  Free market solutions can help Rhode Islanders to achieve their hopes and dreams. If only lawmakers were to realize that there are answers, we could restore prosperity to the Ocean State. I encourage you to speak out against the insiders who want further their own agenda, while your family is kept out of the process. Rhode Islanders want a state government that works for everyone not just the chosen few.

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