Grand-mom Rips “Rah! Rah!” Parent Group for their “Blessed Tolerance” of Chariho Schools

(This column originally appeared in the Chariho Times)

The Friends of Chariho Facebook page is a Rah, Rah, Chariho School page.  Everything is wonderful in Chariho. We support EVERYTHING Chariho! Rah, Rah! Rah!

We will go after anyone that says anything is wrong in Chariho Land. We will call them names. We will accuse them of all sorts of bad motives, even as we say how wonderful WE, the accusers are, cloaked in the coat of self-righteousness. We are the protectors of all that is tolerant, unless of course, YOU DARE DISAGREE WITH US! Then it’s open season. But, no hypocrisy here!

Oh, blessed tolerance, the holy writ and mother of all virtues in Liberal Lah, Lah, Land!

Pornography in schools, bring it on!!! Those that stand for decency, modesty and truth, strike with your bogey mans: Alas… Call to arms, the book banners, censors, radical right-wing extremists have arrived! But if a parent should read from one of the books called into question at a school committee meeting, they are stopped because there may be children listening. Oh, so wise are we!

Racism, bring it on!!!  If you were born with white skin, you are automatically an oppressor. If you were born with black skin, you are a victim, powerless. This is how we correct the wrongs of the past. Forget Martin Luther King, forget the fact he is memorialized every year with a holiday. Forget we had a black president for eight years. Conveniently ignore all the black voices speaking out against your nonsense. And if a white speaks out, we have words and psychobabble pre-scripted and ready to launch at you! Ah, we are the noble ones.

Unknowing, unsuspecting children are given sexual messaging, and recruited to conform to radical political agendas. A mob of angry, screaming students surrounds the mother of a police officer when she is agreeing that black lives matter, but so do blue, including David Dorn, the black police officer murdered because of the uniform he wore. Oh, but we are not indoctrinating the young minds. We are politically diverse. Haven’t you read our policy?

And yet, it’s the administrators of school systems that follow the vile, polluted political winds to protect their jobs, secure advancement and join the masters of deception for their own benefit that are doing the most harm, the most damage to the young lives that they are being handsomely paid to indoctrinate. Policies are created that state a good thing while the reality is the antithesis of what they purport to do.

Teachers are NOT a monolith. They are individuals. Many, if not most, do NOT agree with the bad, yes, BAD elements in schools. But they have families to support. They have children to feed. They worked hard to obtain a career. And it is clear to them the consequences of not going along. Those that speak out are examples to drive others into silent submission. They speak privately when it’s safe. Teachers speak of early retirement while quietly ignoring the garbage they are told to teach. They are quiet heroes.

And the rah, rah, Chariho parents blindly follow the administrators who lead them into politics of deception and division. The administrators have nothing to lose and everything to gain professionally by being purveyors of the radical fringe left that has driven “education” for years.

Many parents have had enough. They have pulled their children out of the schools, willing to sacrifice while they teach them at home or pay hefty private school bills. If they care enough to speak out for the children left behind, the Rah, Rah, Chariho crowd insults and maligns them while simultaneously crying, “Community, tolerance and cooperation.”

As they say, You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Undoubtedly, there IS good in Chariho, and we rejoice in all that is good. But, much like a body is made of many systems, if one is diseased, it must be attended to or else the whole body may become sick. When a physician finds a tumor growing, he doesn’t say, Well, all else looks good, so we won’t worry about that little thing.

May the parents that support Chariho have the wisdom to not be deceived into the politics of division and recognize that there are BAD elements in Chariho that need to be excised. And to ignore it, it no wisdom, no virtue and indeed YOU ARE NOT SUPPORTERS OF CHARIHO.

by Kathryn Colasante (mother and grand-mother of former Chariho School District students)

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