Only ONE Gubernatorial Candidate Takes a Position on the “Protect Our Kids Act” (S2219, H8230)

(updated 2:35pm May 19) Only one of the five (5) major announced candidates for Governor of Rhode Island has responded to The Ocean State Current’s request for a statement about the “Protect Our Kids” legislation – S2219 and H8230 … whether in support, opposition, or other position.

Kalus’ statement was brief, but to the point: “Protect Our Kids – S2219 and H8230.”

The Current sent three (3) emails this week to the emails listed on the official campaign finance reports of the campaigns of Democrats, Daniel McKee, Nellie Gorbea, Matt Brown, Helena Foulkes … and Republican, Ashley Kalus.

Only Gorbea’s campaign initially responded, indicating that a statement would be forthcoming … but it never was provided to The Current. Since this story was published, the Kalus campaign hinted at their support of the legislation by stating that she had attended Monday’s press conference at the State House, hosted by the primary sponsor of the Senate bill, Senator Jessica DeLaCruz.

With bi-partisan legislation introduced in the House and Senate, with teacher unions having pulled their opposition to the legislation, and with Attorney General Peter Neronha publicly supporting the legislation … it is a mystery what any candidate might be afraid of.

The legislation would criminalize sexual contact between a minor and an adult in a supervisory or position of authority. Too often, teachers, coaches, priests, pastors, counselors and other predators … caught preying on minors, but without a criminal record … are reshuffled to other positions, with the new employer unaware of the perpetrator’s past. This legislation would end this charade.


Of the following two issues related to Rhode Island’s public schools, which one is a greater concern?

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