Harvard Student’s Brave Senior Speech Condemns Anti-Americanism

As a Harvard graduate myself, it is encouraging to see that apparently not all students and staff at woke institutions like Harvard University have been indoctrinated by anti-American propaganda.

There are 12 upper-class ‘Houses’ at Harvard, and this senior, Julie Hartman, was chosen by the Headmaster of her House to give a commencement speech — each House Headmaster chooses someone from their House to give a graduation speech.

In this compelling ‘senior speech’ by Julie Hartman at Harvard’s famous Memorial Hall. Julie Hartman describes herself as an open-minded student at Harvard College, 22 years old. This past summer (2021), whe was a standing weekly guest on The Dennis Prager Show and also guest hosted full, 3-hour national programs for both The Dennis Prager Show and The Mike Gallagher Show. 

Not only is it surprising to see a student from such a liberal-left college openly give such a conservative public speech (courageous indeed), but I’m even more surprised that there was a Headmaster – paid staff – who would appoint such a student to such a high-profile role.

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