Help Spread the Word About the Cost of Government Unions

Wow, has our report shaken up the status quo! We have done the research, and we have connected the dots. The number one driver of the Ocean State’s declining population and jobs numbers – the high property taxes we all pay – can now be directly connected to the excessive  costs of government, as mandated by government union collective bargaining agreements.

Our Public Union Excesses report shows that your property taxes are 25% higher than they need be, because of these excessive costs of government services. $888 MILLION per year excess, at over $3500 for each family of four.

We continue to give an unfair advantage to the most connected union insiders, and now these special-interest groups come before the Rhode Island people and saying we don’t have enough … and we want more? It is outrageous that perpetual contracts are now the law!

Please consider a donation to the Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity so we can print more copies of the report to give to state and local lawmakers and to promote our findings on social media.

Our Center is exposing the real problems hurting the average family in the Ocean State – and the political class is taking notice. But unless we can inform more elected officials and voters, reforms are unlikely to happen.

And until we address this 888 pound gorilla in the room, namely the overspending on government unions, we will never be able to make Rhode Island a place where regular people can achieve their hopes and dreams.
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