Imaginary Discrimination Bill is “Progressive Land of Make Believe Bad Bill of the Week”

This week’s bad bill is a thorny issue, but one that highlights yet another danger of the progressive-left’s agenda to control our lives via a government driven by political correctness. In our American society, this means a direct threat to free speech and free thought. House Bill H7150 is the epitome of how the irrational emotions of the progressive-left are now finding their way into actual legislation … and how they are attempting to legislate morality. In fact, any attempt to criminalize anti-political correctness or immorality, will inevitably cause more societal harms than it seeks to prevent.

This poorly-written bill attempts to prevent discrimination in schools. Conceptually, of course, who would disagree? However, the progressive fantasy is the belief that discrimination, or any other emotionally driven action can be legislated away. Should a bill be likewise submitted requiring that all students should always be made to feel happy? Further, this discrimination bill, because it is so vague and subjective pretends that there will be no resulting unintended and adverse consequences.
How many more bills will we see directly from the Progressive Land of Make Believe this legislation session? 

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