Improving The Lives Of Ocean State Families

What if we were to realize that the status quo public policy approach, as well-intended as it may be, in reality, has had the unintended consequence of reducing the overall prosperity of our Rhode Island families? The Family Prosperity Index (FPI) research clearly demonstrates that cultural, social, and demographic factors must also be considered, in addition to economic factors, when formulating effective public policy. The Ocean State’s political leaders can become heroes if they can make policy that addresses the real needs of Rhode Island families.

It is a result of the failed status quo of increased government intervention in our personal and business lives that the Ocean State ranks so poorly on so many national indexes. It is not acceptable that we rank 50th with the worst business climate in the nation, 48th on the national Family Prosperity Index, and 48th on the Center’s Jobs & Opportunity Index. Our state needs a new public policy approach – an approach that considers the whole person, not just his or her material needs – and that takes the best ideas from across the political spectrum – is required to improve the lives of Ocean State families and individual taxpayers.

A new spirit of across-the-aisle and civic cooperation is required if our state government is to effectively serve its constituents. Additionally, community, religious and business leaders also have a very important role to play as public policy cannot address many of the problems Rhode Island must overcome if our families are to improve their chances of upward mobility.

Rhode Islanders deserve increased opportunity to earn a livelihood, educate their children, and keep Rhode Island as their families’ home. I ask you to continue to make your voice heard against the status quo public policy culture in Rhode Island. We know what the solutions are, but when will the insiders listen? The rigged system does everything it can to keep the little guy out of the process. But, things do not have to be this way in Rhode Island. We have seen big changes in other states. Speak out against the cronyism and corruption. Our families can’t afford to wait.

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