IRREPARABLE HARM: Rhode Island Dad Tells His Story Of Mckee’s School Mask Mandate

Judge Jeffrey Lanphear ruled in support of Gov. Daniel McKee’s statewide school mask mandate despite admitting in his decision that children are suffering irreparable harm as a result. In the lead up to the case, the Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity asked parents to submit their stories. Here is one: 

I have two children in elementary school in Rhode Island. All summer they’ve been all over the state, including restaurants, movie theaters, gaming facilities, water parks, and trampoline parks.

None of these facilities require masking, nor should they.

All summer my kids felt a normalcy that they’d missed over the prior year and a half, and were prepared to attend school in the same manner. Then we were all blindsided.

Two weeks before school begins, the mask mandate from McKee drops, quite abruptly at that. This put parents in a panic, as they had zero opportunity to decide what their children’s options might be for education. It was sneaky, unlawful, and unnecessary.

Jump forward to the first week of school, and my child is home quarantining due to a classmate having covid. So why the masks?

RIDOH claims no quarantining, but have since added a fine print “unless the infected student has had their mask down AT ANY POINT during exposure.” Seriously?

So not only were we blindsided, but we were lied to. The original text said NOTHING about a child’s mask being down at any point. McKee and RIDOH are throwing their weight around, all while providing ZERO proof that our kids are at risk in the school setting.

Not only this, but the educators aren’t required to quarantine, again thanks to RIDOH and governor McKee, because they are vaccinated. Vaccines don’t provide immunity.

Your teachers need to be quarantined if my kids are. This again, demonstrates the state saying “we can do what we want, however we want.”

McKee hasn’t taken parents into consideration, or the kids he claims to be protecting. And the teachers unions running this circus, have been given too much power, again thanks to our politicians.

How can parents work knowing their children can’t breathe, and God forbid they pull their masks down at any given point could be home for two weeks without pay watching their kids. That’s if their employers even allow them to maintain their positions!

It must stop. Now.

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