Is the RI Department of Education About to be Sued for Violating Parental Rights?

The Ocean State Current has obtained a copy of a letter sent to RIDE Commissioner, Angelica Infante Green, from FAIR, the Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism, requesting a response from the Department about changing its “Guidance for Rhode Island Schools on Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students” policies … which FAIR claims are unconstitutional.

According to one excerpt from the October 24 letter, “The Department’s gender non-disclosure policy deprives parents of those rights with no due process. It directs school personnel to actively conceal a student’s gender transition from their parents upon the child’s command, unless disclosure is required by law.”

FAIR gave RIDE 5 days to respond. It is unclear what action FAIR might undertake if they receive no response or if the response is unsatisfactory. FAIR does have an active legal network that regularly brings civil rights lawsuits.

But it took RIDE only 2-days to respond. Here is a copy of their October 26 response letter.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: To discuss the letter and RIDE’s response, FAIR Chief Legal Counsel, LETICIA KIM, and former RI Supreme Court Associate Justice, Robert Flanders will join Mike Stenhouse on his 4:00PM In The Dugout video podcast this coming Monday, which can be viewed at .

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