Janus vs AFSME: One Of The Most Important Constitutional Cases Of Our Lifetime

Mark Janus is a child support specialist with the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services. He advocates for children’s rights when their parents are no longer together. When he was hired, he didn’t know that he was going to be forced to pay union dues until he saw the fees deducted from his first paycheck. Mark loves his job, but he doesn’t see the union, that he is required to support, as working for the good of Illinois. He doesn’t want to have to give money to a union to keep his job. And, he’s not alone. The United States Supreme Court will hear Mark’s case to decide if he will be allowed to express his political beliefs in the ways that he chooses.
The Janus case is about guaranteeing every government employee’s right to decide which organizations he or she will and won’t support with their hard-earned money. Our First Amendment protects our ability to associate with the organizations we choose. But, the current laws prevent citizens from exercising their rights. This is a question of fairness. Right now, public sector employees do not receive a choice. They are automatically forced to give their money to a union. People who want to be in a union, accept the union’s contract, and support the union financially will still be able to do so.
Janus v. AFSCME is one of the most important constitutional cases in our lifetimes.
For 40 years, employees at unionized workplaces have been forced to pay
union fees as a condition of their employment. If this case is ruled on favorably by the U.S. Supreme Court, government employees will be free to decide whether or not they belong to a union. It’s time for public policy that guarantees full workplace freedom for all employees in Rhode Island to be considered.
We have all know the terrible results of the insider system here in Rhode Island. I encourage you to speak out, often and loudly, on the issues that relate to your family and demand greater freedom for government employees. Your voice is powerful, and can change things in the Ocean State. It is time for the status quo thinking of the political elite to change. Cases like Janus v. AFSCME can be a big step in the right direction for making Rhode Island into a place where people can achieve their hopes and dreams.
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