Joe Biden’s Speech Evokes ‘Napoleon The Pig’

If you know anything about me, you know that I will defend my conservative and constitutional principles to my last breath. Not to mindlessly advance some “right wing” agenda. But, because of history and my honest personal belief system, I am completely convinced that a society based on our great American founding principles of liberty, limited government, love of country, and trust in God … is a society that will provide the most happiness, opportunity, and prosperity to its citizens.

You also know, that as founder and CEO of a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, I almost always refrain from overtly engaging in partisan party politics, even though I may support or oppose specific policy ideas and individuals.

However, after listening to President Biden’s address to the nation last night, certain things must be said out loud, even if they have an obvious partisan political tone.

Last night, “Napoleon The Pig” was resurrected off the pages of Animal Farm, George Orwell’s classic political satire novel, manifested by the President of the United States. Complete with the blood-red Nazi background and military guards, the scene and speech were more suited for a military dictator declaring war on an enemy nation than for the ostensible leader of the free world calling for unity.

As Napoleon often lectured to his animal-comrades on the farm, Biden repeatedly and overtly declared that his political opponents (and by extension, about half of American voters) are a great danger to our nation … and that “equality and democracy are under assault”. From the shadows of an eerily lit dais, Biden’s dark speech vilified “MAGA Republicans” and Donald Trump as extremist threats to our constitution, who must be voted-away, once and for all, this coming November.

Originally marketed as a policy speech to the major television networks so they might provide live broadcast coverage, as predicted, the diatribe ended-up being nothing but a partisan political rant; a taxpayer funded rant at that, with themes more fit for a national political convention than for a Presidential national address. Thankfully, most of the networks were not fooled. From among all the major traditional and cable news networks, only the increasingly socialist CNN and MSNBC carried the speech live.

Biden’s claims that it is Republicans who openly defy the Constitution … was nothing short of a dictate to Democrat candidates this fall to take up a similar line of attack, as the centerpiece of their closing campaign strategies. But, even with many on the left openly questioning the tone and imagery of Biden’s oration, it is not a sure thing that many sane Democrats will blindly choose to march to such a totalitarian order.

In his speech, Biden completely ignored the major issues that are of the most concern to Americans; inflation, the recession, crime, the border crisis, and the politicization of our educational system.

But when it comes to defying the Constitution, let us ask these honest and serious questions:

Which party worked with Big Tech cronies to shut down the 1st Amendment rights of its political opponents?

Which party supported oppressive pandemic mandates that trampled over our constitutional and religious freedoms and irreparably harmed our student children?

Which party ignores and defies immigration laws by allowing an open-border to flood our nation with drugs, criminals, and future dependent wards of the state.

Which party wants to weaken local law enforcement and release dangerous criminals onto our streets??

Which party weaponizes federal law enforcement and the federal justice system, including the FBI and the IRS, against American citizens?

Which party regularly eschews America’s foundational and prosperous principles of free-market capitalism, in favor of disproven big-government socialist economics, which has led to rarely seen levels of hyper-inflation and has plunged our nation into recession?

Which party openly seeks to “pack” the US Supreme Court with its own hand-picked puppets?

Which party is seeking to abolish the Constitutionally-defined Electoral College?

Which party wants to do away with the long-standing Senate filibuster?

Which party is seeking to infringe upon, if not abolish, our 2nd Amendment’s right to self defense?

Which party’s Justice Department violated the 4th Amendment’s search and seizure provisions when it raided the home of a former President?

Which party seeks to ignore the 10th Amendment rights of states to govern themselves, instead seeking to establish federal abortion, health care, election, and energy mandates that supersede states’ Constitutional authorities?

Which party defends our disastrous 2021 military exodus from Afghanistan; abandoning Americans, local allies, a strategically important airbase, and billions of dollars’ worth of the world’s best weapons and military equipment?

And, to complete the circuit, which party exploited taxpayer dollars and the military – in last night’s case the Marines – in a Stalinist show of force for purely partisan political purposes?

Biden and the socialist left try to justify their claims against Republicans with the fake news notion that the January 6th riots were some kind of murderous insurrection, designed to take over the government and destroy the Constitution’s electoral provisions. Which party defended the violence of the “mostly peaceful” protests by the left in 2020? And which party, itself, openly questioned the results of the 2016 Presidential election; and just as Napoleon blamed “Snowball” for every failure, screamed “Russian collusion” at every turn?

But every objective-thinking American understands that an aberrant public protest that descended into illegal encroachments upon our country’s Capitol building is nothing like the bloody coup they are desperately trying to convince you that it was. That they themselves truly believe this – and then try to pin those actions on the entire Republican party – is pure political fantasy. In the real world it is the Democrat party that has openly and persistently posed actual and clearly stated threats to our Constitution.

I do not believe that most voters will accede to the President’s vitriol. And like we have seen so many times in the past, Joe Biden and the radical left may have once again overplayed their hand. Last night’s speech will likely backfire come election day.

Just like Napoleon The Pig, who by the end of the novel, was walking upright, indistinguishable from a man … Joe Biden, by the end of his hate-filled tirade in Philadelphia, was indistinguishable from a fascist dictator.

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