XTRA Innings: Josh Mello Tells His Family’s Heartbreaking Story #InTheDugout

As of the posting of this updated interview (July 6, 2022), the Cranston school committee still has not indicated whether or not it will investigate how a father and legal guardian of one if its students may have been improperly or even illegally removed from an authorized list to care for his own child.This single improper administrative action, allegedly inspired by a vindictive estranged spouse and mother, led to multiple confrontations on school property, violent altercations with police and school resource officers, arrests, PTSD, explicit sexual communications and images of acts on school grounds, and the coercion of the child to become bi-sexual … leading to desperate threats that she wanted to commit suicide.

After watching the video above, read Josh’s full account of the tragic incidents, here: Why are Cranston Schools Refusing to Investigate the Disturbing Josh Mello Affair? – (oceanstatecurrent.com)

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