Mass. Ballot Question to Challenge Law That Would Give Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Aliens is Approved

Referendum Question on Nov. 8 Ballot Would Overturn New Mass. State Law

The Massachusetts Elections Division has certified enough signatures on a grass-roots petition to overturn a new state law that enables illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses. The question that would repeal the law will appear on the Nov. 8 ballot.

The grass-roots effort to collect signatures this summer resulted in 71,883 validated signatures, according to the Mass. Secretary of State. Only 40,120 signatures were required to get the question on the ballot.

Volunteers who oppose the new law gathered signatures at grocery stores, town dumps, parks, retail stores and other public places throughout the summer. Some said giving people who entered the country illegally driver’s licenses could open the door to allow them to vote in future elections. Proponents of the law cited safety concerns and that issuing licenses would enable illegals to drive legally.

Now the campaign will start to support passage of the referendum question.

“It just shows how out of touch the Democratic Legislature is with the will of the people,” Mass GOP chairman Jim Lyons said after Friday’s announcement. “We will absolutely win. A poll had us winning 51% to 37%.”

In May, Gov. Charlie Baker refused to sign the bill, which would allow illegal immigrants to use identification issued by their home country to establish their identity for the purpose of getting a driver’s license.

Baker said that because the registry is not equipped to verify those documents, a Massachusetts license will lose its validity as a form of identification.

The Legislature passed the law over the governor’s veto.

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