Maybe Deporting Us Isn’t Such a Bad Idea

Conservatives’ first reaction to the proposal by Elaine Kehoe of Providence to “take all the Republicans in Congress, Donald Trump and all his supporters, and members of the National Rifle Association and deport them to Syria,” replacing them with refugees, might be to take offense and call her names.  But upon reflection, her idea might not be entirely bad.

Of course, most such folks won’t want to go, and (you know) they really do have a right to stay.  And even displacing all 17 million residents of Syria with American right-wingers would hardly create room for all such people.

I’m focusing on her general idea, though.  If the totalitarians were to take over America and impose Kehoe’s favored annihilation of civil rights, and if they were to broaden their attack to all conservatives, and if they were to find somewhere in the world large enough for us — anywhere in the world, except maybe Antarctica — I have every confidence that we’d quickly tame whatever wilds or political challenges existed wherever we landed and soon surpass our former nation economically, in self fulfillment, and in happiness.  Sure, the progressives might then seek to attack us and rope us back onto their engine, but they’d have deported just about everybody capable and willing to fight.

It may be that the only regime in the world capable of holding us back is a United States to which we feel a native devotion even when it is governed oppressively by progressives.  Get us out from under that shadow and observe our proof of concept.

Until progressives come to that full fruition of national socialism, though, I’d advise my fellow conservatives to work on coming together as we would if we were all deported to some fortunate spot on the globe and to treat the government that is holding us back as if we had no real moral obligation to support it, because we don’t, but rather a moral obligation to change it.

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