OPINION: What the hell is the matter with the media?

by guest columnist, James M Mageau of Charlestown
To the Editor:
     It is clear to anyone who has read and understood the intent of our founding father’s that “freedom of speech” and “freedom of the press” is essential if our nation was to succeed as a free country. Having said that, the success of our country and democracy has made us the leader of the free world. But it has also led the “few” arrogant high level money changers to believe that over time they can create a “One World Government” that they will control! It is believed that among those who are part of the planning process is, “The Council On Foreign Relations!”
     It begins with control of the press! Today “Freedom of Speech” and “Freedom of the Press” is being abused more then any other time in our history. An excellent example of that is how the major news networks were de facto- operatives and complicit with the Justice Department and the F.B.I in the Russian Hoax scandal. Not a day went by during the borax investigation into President Trump’s so-called involvement with a Russian Bank that CNN, MSNBC, CBS, the New York Times or other major news outlets didn’t report an outrageous lie about something Trump was guilty of. After Trump was finally cleared by the Durham investigation the only newspaper that has the credibility to apologize for its inaccurate reporting was the Washington Post. Now, comes the January 6th committee which is a group of dishonest Democrats appointed by Speaker Polosi to develop evidence so the Justice Department can prosecute President Trump for some sought of crime. The press is all over the hearings like Trump committed crimes against humanity. It’s also doing its best to make up lies to support the committees findings. We all know its nothing more then a distraction to cover-up Biden’s incompetence and misdeeds.
   Why isn’t the press raising hell over gasoline being over $6.00/gal at the pump, inflation  going higher by the day, the shelves in our grocery stores are empty of some foods, including baby food and President Biden is stumbling his way into creating a no win situation in the Middle East and else where in the world. But please don’t expect the national press to elaborate on any of that and don’t expect any men to march on Washington, D.C. The only men with any testicles are the truck drivers. The rest of them stay at home hiding behind the skirts. We can’t expect the national commanders of any of the national veterans organizations to say anything to stop the country’s slide into socialism. Their to busy down in Washington, D.C. begging for money to pay their fat salaries. Notwithstanding Biden’s incompetence in governing the country now comes the issue of the diary that belongs to his daughter Ashley. To put this into perspective it is instructive to recall that Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York was forced to resign after he was accused of sexually assaulting one of his female assistance. That was the lead story on the news for several days and weeks. In fact one of his relatives was forced to resign from CNN News because he allegedly was involved in trying to cover it up.
     Now, on the “Tucker Carlson” Fox News show broadcast Friday night, June 17, 2022, Carlson lambasted the president for using the Justice Department and the F.B.I. as his own personal police force to raid two homes in his search for his daughter’s diary After that the New York Times belatedly confirmed that the diary is authentic. Apparently the diary has been in the public domain since 2020 but the main stream media and the Justice Department have quietly kept its content under wraps all this time. On his show Friday night Carlson revealed one of the most salacious charges in the diary which was that the current president once showered with his daughter causing her to have sexual compulsions issues later in life.
     Can you imagine the fall out if one of Donald Trump’s daughter’s made a charge like this against him?
There is no imagination required because we all know. It would be blasted all over the world wide news. President Trump has been placed under arrest as a pedophile by US Marshals as a result of a charge contained in his daughters personal diary.
    Something like that is not going to happen to Joe Biden because the press has been told to keep the story covered up even though the charge is a felony!
    It’s obvious that the US. Attorney Merrick B. Garland doesn’t intend to prosecute anyone associated with the Biden’s or the Democrats He refused to prosecute the people demonstrating in front of the homes of the Supreme Court Justices, (Federal Crime), He has refused to have Biden’s son arrested and prosecuted for illegally taking millions of dollars from Ukraine and China, and the list goes on and on.
     Every illegal charge and every illegal investigation the government has subjected President Trump to and every slimy inconceivable diabolical crime that creepy Joe Biden and the miscreants in his family are getting away with can be laid right at the feet of all of you Yellow Belly’s in the press corps. That’s because you have either not reported the story honestly or you didn’t report it at all!
     What the hell is the matter with you people? Can’t you see and understand that President Biden is a sick man? It’s not only what’s in his daughter Ashley’s diary but his past behavior as well. Here we have a man that possibly has emotional sexual problems. It’s not only the contents of his daughter Ashley’s diary but his long history of questionable behavior around women when he has had to be cautioned. Remember, as President he controls the “BLACK BOX” and any kind of an emotional break down he can blow the world to hell.
    Try to remember your history. The hot shots at the top aren’t going to win! They never do. When the tide goes out, you had better remember, “it’s a piss poor game if two can’t play it!”
James M. Mageau Charlestown, R.I.

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