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In The Dugout: Closing Brief In #ParentsUnited SOUTHWELL vs MCKEE Lawsuit Against School Mask Mandates

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Sten reviews the “closing brief” in #ParentsUnited SOUTHWELL vs MCKEE lawsuit against school mask mandates

How the RIDOH’s medical basis for emergency action was “systematically dismantled”

+ Judge Flanders provides legal analysis

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Sten’s very personal & heartfelt sentiments about Doc Skoly’s plight w/ RI DOH; stories & perspectives you’ll want to hear.

+ how SCHOOL MASK MANDATES could be STRUCK DOWN within weeks via the #ParentsUnited lawsuit

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Updates on 4 MAJOR STORIES



-Sten BLASTS RI DOH for suffering > Doc Skoly suspension

-The TRUTH about the N.Kingstown recall petition

#ParentsUnited plaintiffs SCORE BIG again in court

-Providence punishes teacher Ramona Bessinger


Samuel Adofo: Financial Freedom at Stake

I have spent many years learning about financial freedom and focused on how to teach students to achieve it. Focus on paying your debt, invest, and begin to make your assets pay for your liabilities. These are very simple rules I would tell students so they can attain ‘financial freedom’ in their lives. However, while they may be focused on building their wealth, they may be losing another aspect of their financial freedom. This is their freedom to keep their finances private.

Recently Janet Yellen, the United States secretary of the treasury, advocated for giving the IRS the ability to look at all transactions over $600. You just bought a new TV? The IRS wants to watch with you.

You want to pop the question with an engagement ring? The IRS wants to know how many carats. You want to buy a new car? The IRS wants to know the make and model. Even your rent payments are not safe from the IRS eyes under this rule. Yellen wants your bank to tell the IRS whenever you have reached any major milestone in your life.

Now why is this important? Many – I would presume Yellen included – would say, ‘If you have nothing to hide, then why do you care?’

Well, you should care because one, your transactions are none of the IRS’s business. Two, the IRS will use this power to target Americans. Three, you have a right to privacy as an American. And four, your transactions are none of the IRS’s business.

The IRS has already shown its willingness to target Americans it does not like. In 2017, the IRS was forced to settle with over 40 conservative non-profits after the agency attempted to restrict their 501-c3 status because of their ideological leanings.

This is not the only time the IRS was embroiled in a scandal either. If you catch their attention in any way the IRS will audit you until they find the smallest error in your taxes. The IRS will not even shy away from releasing your tax records if they really want to shame you. The agency has shown it is willing to abuse its power already, why should we give them more of it?

We should tell Janet Yellen to go back to her office and let the IRS know they can either keep working as normal or lose the power they currently have. Our financial freedom is worth infinitely more than any money the IRS wants to take from us, and we need to fight for that freedom.

No government official should feel comfortable asking for that much power, and when they do, we should turn around and take all their power away.


Clay Johnson: The Marxists Underestimate The Resilience Of Our Country

What a long, hot, political summer it has been. The extremists on the left have been foaming at the mouth, desperate to enact their Marxist agenda. They covet what you have, and they are willing to use government force to take it.

But the Marxists underestimate the resilience of a country built on proud independence and rugged individualism. It is hard to believe that we have elected officials that are so extreme; when this extremism became clear, people stood up.

Nicole Solas stood up in South Kingstown. Bob Chiaradio spoke up in Westerly. Jim McGwin launched a recall effort in North Kingstown. Dr. Stephen Skoly drew a line. Many were willing to follow, speak out, make themselves heard in support of these patriots.

While changing the minds of radical school board members is not possible, they now know that we will not go quietly. Joe Biden says there is a battle for the soul of America. Yes, there is. And Joe Biden and the radical left want to abort America’s soul.

We believe the soul of America is enduring. You know your heart. You know that the names they call us are untrue and a deceptive ruse designed to destroy our resolve. That, in fact, is the only way Marxism can come to America, if we let it. Conservatives and Libertarians alike believe in the value and dignity of every human life. The fundamental building block of this country is the individual, and by extension, the family. The made-up battles over race are just a strategy to divide America.

And the media only wants to keep score…wins and loses. The media has not displayed any intellectual curiosity about the extremist agenda that is being peddled. Headlines are now crafted to only serve corporate woke political interests – there is very little dissemination of news.

As these fights continue, we may lose vote after vote on local school boards. However, we are sapping their strength. Their effort to attack our resolve is a tacit admission that they think this as a battle of resolve….and we have more than they do. Afterall, we have more to fight for…our way of life. Their greatest ambition is to steal what we have.

Every individual will define, for themselves, what it means for the radical left to “go too far” – and then take a stand themselves. So watch for examples of patriots to cheer, become an example yourself, contribute in ways that you can. Together we are battling to save America’s soul.

To those on the front lines, we are your biggest fans and we will support you when we can!



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-settles BoSox ground-rule-double controversy
-Guest, Nicole Solas, domestic terrorist, files POLICE REPORT, Jim Crow/DOJ
– Westerly CRT on nat’l news
-Doc Skoly & #ParentsUnited update
-Economic & Health Dep’t malfeasance

#InTheDugout: Dr. Andy Bostom on All Things Covid

Today’s lineup:
– Doc Skoly vs RI DOH update
– Judge Flanders on AG Garland’s “domestic terrorism” ploy
– Lead plaintiff in #ParentsUnited lawsuit & more State legal antics
– Dr @andrewbostom on all things Covid


#InTheDugout: Parents Outraged

We are LIVE on #InTheDugout today at 5:00pm… WATCH LIVE ON TWITCH. Merit Garland & the DOJ made a HUGE mistake. Laurie & Polly & other parents WILL NEVER BACK DOWN.


DOC SKOLY license suspension update
– Two “soon to be felon” moms react to being labeled “domestic terrorists” by the US DOJ; one already subjected to a POLICE probe

WATCH: OceanStateCurrent.com/LIVE


#InTheDugout: PARENTS persecuted as “domestic terrorists” & “insurrectionists”?

The most chilling scenario & most important show we will have produced to date. MUST SEE- will RI parents bend the knee? When cherished constitutional advocacy becomes a jail-able offense? Doc Skoly stood tall. What will you do?


-PARENTS persecuted as “domestic terrorists” & “insurrectionists”? 3 parents + Charles Calenda
legal analysis, Sten’s commentary

-Worst civil rights suppression since Jim Crow?

-Doc Skoly & #ParentsUnited update


QUICK PITCH UPATE: Dr. Skoly and #ParentsUnited Lawsuit

LIVE at 12:30PM

Quick Pitch update on TWO MAJOR STORIES

– How DOC SKOLY is reacting to the SHUT DOWN order by the RI DOH

#ParentsUnited lawsuit to continue after major courtroom victories on Friday

No one covers these stories like #InTheDugout !


QUICK PITCH: MAJOR UPDATES on Developing Stories

TWO MAJOR STORIES only on #InTheDugout “Quick Pitch” special report at 12 PM

  • GUESTS: #ParentsUnited PLAINTIFFS WIN THE DAY in day-2 of the suit against school mask mandates
  • Dr. Skoly statement after ordered by RI DOH to “cease” health care services






#InTheDugout: Doctor Puts It All On The Line

WATCH the Dr. Skoly interview below!



DR STEPHEN SKOLY puts his career on the line by refusing the jab, calls for end to HCW vaccine mandate

VIEWER WARNING! N.Kingstown SC recall & shocking graphic sex images in NK schoolbooks that OUTRAGED parents


#InTheDugout: Tyranny Targeting Kids

Guest: Nicole Solas KICKED OUT of SK town council mtng for questioning potential criminal activity


-Heartbreaking Covid tyranny targeting kids
-Nicole Solas vs. SK town council president
-The Left’s new religion
-Updates in #ParentsUnited mask mandate lawsuit: State response shows OPEN DISDAIN to plaintiff parents
-Scathing Sten commentary


Peter Tsemberides: Rhode Island’s Wealthy Charge Taxpayers

While upgrading EV charging infrastructure may sound good on the surface to some: giving electric car owners more places to charge their glorified go-karts, it does nothing more than help the state’s wealthy. Looking at RI’s median household income of $67,167, a large majority of RI residents cannot afford an electric vehicle, making the spending virtually useless.



ALARMING: RI DOH to unilaterally impose new CV-19 mandates, to protect against a legal defeat of McKee’s EOs. No process or transparency.

REACTIONS from parents’ attorney, Judge Flanders, lead plaintiff, Dr. Andrew Bostom & Sten.

In a MAJOR development, The Ocean State Current has just learned that the State of RI, desperate to preserve its school mask mandate in the event of a likely Court defeat, is about to take radical action.

In #ParentsUnited proceedings, the State was forced to reveal its SECRET plan to bypass an adverse court ruling.


BREAKING NEWS EXCLUSIVE: RIDOH’s SECRET plan to bypass an adverse court ruling

In a MAJOR development, The Ocean State Current has just learned that the State of RI, desperate to preserve its school mask mandate in the event of a likely Court defeat, is about to take radical action.

In #ParentsUnited proceedings, the State was forced to reveal its SECRET plan to bypass an adverse court ruling.

In minutes, our LIVE report – only on http://OceanStateCurrent.com/LIVE – details by the parents’ attorney, analysis by Judge Robert Flanders


Rhode Islanders Fight CRT in D.C.

– Special Guest: how a RI parent, teacher, & lawmaker fought CRT in Washington DC last evening

– How absolute power is corrupting absolutely our nation’s and state’s once honored institutions