Parents United Lawsuit Forces Providence Schools to Rescind Mask Mandate

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In yet another victory for the Parents United plaintiffs against school mask mandates, Providence School swill go back to mask optional next Tuesday, May 31. Public documents include:

The stipulation appears to represent a compromise, where both the RIDOH (one of the plaintiffs) and the parent plaintiffs each obtained concessions.
After filing a temporary restraining order and motion to modify its ongoing lawsuit to include the Providence School Department’s Superintendent, Javier Montenez, as a defendant, after he re-issued a district-wide school mask mandate just this past week, RIDOH and the school department apparently caved to the legal pressure.
The compromise included agreements to immediately end the Providence universal masking mandate for schools in exchange for an agreement to “postpone indefinitely” the plaintiff’s hearing for it TRO, which was scheduled for Tuesday, May 31.
Stay tuned for more developments …
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