Parents United RI Condemns Woke Lawmakers’ Opposition to Parental Rights Legislation

According to its press release this morning, Parents United RI is deeply concerned by recent statements made by certain elected legislators, who used the official RI legislative website and social media accounts to announce their intention to oppose multiple bills – before they were even introduced to the RI House Education Committee. This kind of preemptive opposition is contrary to the principles of fair and democratic governance, and undermines the very foundations of our political system.

The legislators who issued the preemptive opposition statement: Rep. Justine A. Caldwell, Rep. Rebecca Kislak, Rep. Nathan W. Biah Sr., Rep. Megan L. Cotter, Rep. Susan R. Donovan, Rep. Joshua A. Giraldo, Rep. David Morales, and Rep. Brandon T. Voas.

This issue was discussed yesterday’s on In The Dugout with Mike Stenhouse (click on the player below):


The media release further states that “this is is a matter of urgent concern. As everyone is no doubt aware, one of the most important aspects of our democratic system is the role of legislative committees in shaping and refining proposed legislation. These committees are designed to represent a diverse range of viewpoints and interests, and to ensure that the bills that eventually become law are the result of thoughtful debate and compromise. Moreover, such preemptive opposition stifles constructive debate and compromises the legislative process. When elected officials refuse to consider the merits of a bill, they are effectively shutting down any opportunity for thoughtful discussion or balanced debate which can lead to better legislation for all.
By announcing their opposition before a bill was even introduced to the Committee, these elected officials disenfranchised the voices of their constituents and utterly failed in their duty to represent the people who elected them to office. Indeed, who would drive for an hour to sit in a Committee hearing for hours, for the opportunity to speak for less than 2 minutes before a public body who has already announced they will never listen?
We are sure that Speaker Shekarchi must be concerned with the gravity of the situation, and the appallingly unmitigated usurpation of his authority to seat a balanced Committee for the orderly disposition of legislation. It is our position that the Rhode Island House Education Committee has been hijacked by the progressive left, and that this has had a detrimental effect on the legislative process. Instead of engaging in constructive dialogue and working to find common ground, members of this committee have pushed their own radical agenda, failed in its duty to represent all voices and perspectives, and destroyed the integrity of the legislative process. This Committee has set a dangerous precedent. The Committee needs to be urgently reformed and brought back into line with generally accepted principles of fair and democratic governance.
Parents United RI calls on all elected officials to uphold their responsibility to fairly consider and debate proposed bills. We continue to hold elected officials accountable for their actions. We will not stand by silently while elected officials disregard their responsibilities and obligations to the people they serve.”

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