Political Elites Are Working Hard To Keep The Average Family Out Of The Process

In the Ocean State, the political elites work hard to keep the average family out of the process. It appears that the Board of Elections and the Secretary of State’s office have deliberately left the door open for individuals to register to vote and cast a vote, without ever providing personally identifying information as required by state and federal law. As I have said before, the scale of these findings potentially shake the very foundation of our state’s democracy … and must be formally and independently investigated. We need you to take action, and demand that investigation now.
If voters are to maintain confidence in our State’s election integrity, an independent investigation must happen. Indeed, the seriousness of these concerns could be seen in our state’s lackluster economy. Recently, the Ocean State has lost its long-held grip on 48th place in the country on the Jobs & Opportunity Index and slipped to 49th. Are loved family and friends no longer sitting at your holiday dinner table because they have left Rhode Island for greener pastures? It is time for our state to make a complete turnaround in our public policy culture.

There are very serious questions being raised about irregularities in the Ocean State’s voter registration process. Our Ocean State Current has published an analysis of a 2008 BOE rules change that removed an important section on the state’s application form for voter registration. Prior to 2008 and after new federal law in 2003, an applicant had to check a box … stating that no drivers license or social security number had (ever) been issued to the person by the state or federal government … as reason to accept alternative (less conclusive) identification credentials. Since 2008 this section and checkbox no longer appears on the form. (Could this lessen the legal risk to disingenuous applicants?)

Claims that the State of Rhode Island is violating federal elections law, specifically the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA), must be formally investigated and addressed. Your voice is strong, and can change the status quo in Rhode Island. Click here now to contact your lawmakers to demand an independent investigation. Now is the time to act, don’t delay your legislators will listen to you. Rhode Island can be a place where families can achieve their hopes and dreams.
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