Portsmouth Institute 2013 Conference: “Catholicism and the American Experience,” Day 2, Jim Forest

[In June 2013, I attended the fifth of the excellent annual conferences organized by the Portsmouth Institute.  As had been my custom for prior four conferences, I began writing commentary on the lectures and posting the videos. I’d gotten through Robert George, Peter Steinfels, and Roger Kimball when life became overwhelmingly busy.  As the actual event slipped some months into the past, it seemed the best plan would be to finish posting the videos during the registration period for the next year’s conference, by way of promotion, but as it turned out, the institute skipped a year in 2014.

Well, the 2015 conference, on the topic of “Understanding the Francis Papacy,” begins tomorrow, and not only has life remained busy, but with a move from one house to another in the intervening years, I cannot find my notes from 2013.  To clear the decks, so to speak, I’ll post the remaining 2013 videos as I’m able throughout today and then return to usual coverage of the conference in action, tomorrow.]

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