Progressive Bad Bill Of The Week: Make Believe Net Neutrality

The proper role of state and federal governments should be to deter fraud, enforce contracts, and arbitrate disputes. Clear, consistent, and limited government maximizes innovation and competition. Reliable internet access encourages and accelerates economic growth and development. New government mandates will only lead to costly litigation because the internet is inherently interstate commerce. Folks, only in the progressive land of make believe are Net Neutrality regulations actually needed and effective.
In the real world, free-market forces, not overly burdensome government regulations, are the best way to ensure ISPs do not harm consumers and do not engage in anticompetitive behavior. A state net neutrality law would only result in RI consumers being left fewer choices, higher prices, and deteriorating service.
Two related bills, S2008 and H7422, introduced by progressive-left Democrats attempts to solve what is nothing more than a make believe problem. Sponsored by Senators Jeanine Calkin and Gayle Goldin, and Representatives Aaron Regunberg and Deb Ruggiero, these bills would reimpose unnecessary regulations on Internet Service Providers in Rhode Island.
Take Action! Your voice is powerful. We are asking you to petition your lawmakers telling them you are against the bad idea of state net neutrality. Click here now or on the button below to send this strong message. So-called net neutrality state laws are not only unnecessary, they would be a huge mistake. Together, we can change the progressive thinking that is growing in the Ocean State.
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