Providence College Responds to Questions on Goodwin’s Restraining Order

In response to questions on the ongoing story surrounding a restraining order taken out by Vice President for Student Affairs Kristine Goodwin against Micheal Smalanskas, Providence College said, “A civil restraining order was issued by the court after Mr. Smalanskas’ unacceptable conduct toward a member of our community on campus this past weekend. Because of the serious nature of his actions, the College has restricted his access to campus.”

When asked to define the alleged “unacceptable conduct,” Providence College only responded that they had sufficient cause.

Smalanskas is the center of a civil discourse fight with progressives on campus over a bulletin board he displayed teaching students about traditional Catholic marriage. A crude cartoon image of  Smalanskas being homosexually raped was found in his dormitory bathroom after he posted the bulletin board.

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