PC or PC? Vice President Goodwin Takes Out Restraining Order Against Smalanskas

Has Providence College succumbed to political correctness?

Michael Smalanskas, who was recently the center of an open debate battle with progressive activists over a bulletin board he posted educating students about traditional Catholic marriage, has been barred from campus and has had a restraining order taken out against him by Vice President for Student Affairs Kristine Goodwin. Goodwin openly supported the progressive groups on campus, speaking at a rally following a diversity march in response to the display.

In her complaint against Smalanskas, Goodwin says that he looked at her for approximately five seconds or more during the commencement Mass. Further, she complains that Smalanskas called out her name to get her attention in a crowd following another Mass on Saturday, then telling her she should be ashamed of herself for her role in stoking a controversy that led to his being threatened with rape and murder by progressives. 

In the complaint, Goodwin writes, “While his words were not expressly threatening his actions toward me have escalated quickly.” Goodwin also complains about the student’s parents: “I am also afraid of Mr. Smalanskas’s parents, especially his father who has access to weapons.”  Smalanskas’s father is a police officer.

“Any reasonable person must conclude that this constitutes retaliation by Kristine Goodwin and Providence College. For months, her grave incompetence as Vice President for Student Affairs has been on display,” said Smalanskas. “Now, in what appears to be revenge tactics, she and the College have acted shamefully and recklessly. It’s high time the Dominicans regain control of their college or see it lost at the hands of a depraved administration.”

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Smalanskas fears that he will no longer be able to work his summer job at the bookstore at Providence College. 

A request has been made to Providence College for comment, but there has been no response at the time of publication. 

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