Public Policy Solutions To Restore Rhode Island’s Financial Security in COVID-19 Crisis

If we rely on American innovation in the private sector, our state can weather this horrible COVID-19 crisis! Our Center has ten proactive policy ideas that can help Ocean State businesses and families survive the crisis, while also paving the way to recovery. And, we need your help to tell lawmakers you want them to take action.

State lawmakers must find a way to get back in the saddle, demonstrate calm and deliberate leadership, and consider emergency legislation to help our citizens and businesses lead the way back. We’re recommending:

Temporary and limited reduction of the minimum wage to the federal level, to get more people back in the workforce more quickly
Re-writing laws to encourage short-term health insurance plans, for those who may have lost their insurance when laid-off
Repeal “Certificate of Need” laws that limit the availability of life-saving medical equipment
Repealing the ban on flavored vaping products, as the state needs every businesses and every worker possible to contribute to the state’s recovery
– The full-list of policy ideas can be viewed here

The people of the Ocean State must not feel left-out, and should be assured that their financial plight is being taken seriously by political leaders. As a state, we are not helpless. You can send a pre-written message to lawmakers by clicking here now telling them we need positive action to free our state’s economy and speed our recovery.

While the governor asks for the public’s trust, state leaders, likewise, must place trust in the power of the American people – business innovation and individual consumerism, guided by the free-market system – to be the driving force in lifting Rhode Island out of this severe economic crisis. Please take action now by clicking here and let your legislators know that they can help the people of our state!

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