Rachel Ware: Open Letter To Rep. Lima On New COVID Protocols

Dear Rep. Lima,

I am one of your constituents, a parent and an upset citizen of the Unites States of America. My name is Rachel Ware. We have a duty to protect our children as they are our future. It is the job of parents, and the community to take action against those who choose to do harm against others, coerce the public into believing a false narrative, and to straight out lie. As an elected official, you work for us. We the people demand to be heard.

With the most recent propaganda coming out of the Teachers Union/NEARI about changing protocols and making children wear N95 masks, I am beyond sick to my stomach over this. It is an overreach and unnecessary. There are people standing up against these mandates (which are not laws) all across the USA. A judge in Oklahoma City just ruled on how the new policies are unconstitutional. The discrimination between unvax and vax children is not right. Here is part of his statement and the link to the article.

“The judge said school’s policy was “irrational” because it failed to balance any of the known dangers associated with quarantining children against the specter of asymptomatic spread. He found the school failed to justify the unequal treatment between students who were vaccinated verses those who were not…He also noted that fully vaccinated students were capable of spreading the virus too. “…there is no reasonably conceivable state of facts that can justify the differential treatment between vaccinated and unvaccinated students at issue here,” the order reads.

The judge recognized that in times of emergency school administrators must make difficult decisions, but he reminded school officials they “…must take the guidance they receive from health officials and craft protocols for their students that avoid offending the Constitution.”

I also will include another article.The study/article highlights the dangers of face masks on children including the N95 mask. I ask that you take a moment to read it and see how you feel after finding out what is going on under and on the outside of the masks of our children. We must take a stand and show the children, the next generation what America really stands for.

I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing your opinion of the articles that I have shared and what your stance on the matter is. Our kids need to breathe, they need in person learning. We need a sense of normal. Most importantly we need to stand up for our and their constitutional rights and stop the harm that is and continues to go on. We have the power. We need to stand united. It is not about agreeing on every point but finding that common ground to unite and fight back.

I also have a link and will include an image from the RIDOH about COV deaths. We are hurting the population that has no deaths. Our children need to breath and not wear masks. That is the bottom line. This is information is as of today in RI.


Rachel Ware

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